Components & Spare Parts

Here you will find components and spare parts from the leading shipping & maritime brands, represented by EDIT Automation. But most importantly, with the support, knowledge, the experience and guaranty of our technicians! Therefore, you can rely on a highly effective partner for your ‘s and your ship needs. Above all, we care about the safety of your company and your crew. This you can do is to use the white links to further navigate to each company.  You certainly can contact us at any time!






Analog Transmitter by KOMECO

Controllers by SIMEX

Converters by SIMEX

Counters Indicator by SIMEX

Current & Voltage Meters Indicator by SIMEX

Data Recorder Indicator Paperless by SIMEX

Electronic Counters by SIMEX

Engine Speed Pick-up Sensor by KOMECO

Flowmeter Ultrasonic by TOKYO KEIKI

Flowmeter Ultrasonic Intelligent Digital by TOKYO KEIKI

Flowmeter Ultrasonic Open Channel by TOKYO KEIKI

Flowmeter Ultrasonic Portable by TOKYO KEIKI

Flow Switch by HERIANA

Frequency Converter by KOMECO

Fuel Rack Transmitter by KOMECO

Humidity Indicator by SIMEX

Indicators Universal by SIMEX

Isolators by SIMEX


Level Gauge Radar Microwave by TOKYO KEIKI

Level Gauge Radar Non-Contact by TOKYO KEIKI

Level Sensor Flat Radar by TOKYO KEIKI

Level Switch by FELLOW KOGYO

Level Switch Anti-corrosive (Stick Electrode ) by FELLOW KOGYO

Level Switch Electrostatic by FELLOW KOGYO

Level Switch Electrostatic Capacity by FELLOW KOGYO

Level Switch Microwave by FELLOW KOGYO

Level Switch by HERIANA

Loop Fail Monitor by KOMECO

Overspeed Switch by KOMECO

PID Controllers by SIMEX

Portable Calibrator

Portable Flowmeter by SIMEX

Portable Instruments for Hazardous Areas

Power Supplies by SIMEX

Pressure Gauge by HERIANA

Propeller Tacho System by KOMECO


Spare Parts

Pump Mark Transmitter by KOMECO

Radiator Fan Controller by KOMECO

Ratemeters Indicator by SIMEX

Start Module by KOMECO

Speed Measuring Unit by KOMECO

Speed Relay & Speed Watch by KOMECO

Tachometers Indicator by SIMEX

Thermometer Gauge by HERIANA

Temperature Meters Indicator by SIMEX

Temperature Monitoring Unit by KOMECO

Temperature Switch by HERIANA

Temperature Transmitter by HERIANA

Temperature Sensor by KOMECO

Timers Indicator by SIMEX

Turbocharger Pick-up Sensor by KOMECO

Turbocharger Tachometer by KOMECO

Vibration Detector by TOKYO KEIKI

Weight Meters Indicator by SIMEX

Thank you for navigating to our spare parts section. In case of you didn’t find what you was looking for, please contact with our supply department. Authorized and certified technician will help you. You also have the option to benefit from our troubleshooting department.