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KOMECO is a Korean manufacturer specializing in ship automation technology. KOMECO designs and manufactures monitoring device controllers and control panels necessary in medium and large sized diesel engines, as well as power generation facilities for land and marine use. They also supply the manufactured products to domestic and international shipbuilding yards (Hyundai Heavy Industries, HHI, DSME, STX  Shipbuilding, Samsung) and engine manufacturers, namely STX Engine, Himsen, Hyundai, MAN B&W, Doosan / HSD Engine. The extensive client list also includes ABB, HYOSUNG, DSEC, KCC, Posco, Bumyang, Nabtesco and Yokogawa

The extensive range of Komeco also includes control and monitoring systems for engines and Turbo chargers and a range of specialized electrical components improving the safety of your ship and engines.

Electrical Components

Temperature Monitoring Units

Radiator Fan Controllers

Loop Fail Monitors

Start Modules

Fuel Rack Transmitters

Pump Mark Transmitters

Analog Tachometers

Propeller Tacho Systems

Turbocharger Tachometers

Frequency Converters

Temperature Sensors PT100, PT1000

Temperature Sensors Thermocouple Type

Turbocharger Pick up Sensors

Engine Speed Pick up Sensors

Speed Relay and Speed Watch

Control & Monitoring

Marine Propulsion Engine Control and Monitoring System

Engine Safety and Control and Monitoring System for Drill Ship and Offshore

Generator Engine Automatic Control System

Drillship Generator Engine Automatic Control System

Get to know the Komeco product range

Speed Measuring Unit ESP-2000

Komeco’s ESP-2000 speed measuring product line is used to control HIMSEN engines (H17/28, H25/33, H21/32, H32/40) and MAN B&W engines (L23/30, L28/32, L27/38, L32/40).  

The range comprises of various models that measure engine and T/C speed, and output signals (analogue, current, frequency, relay) while others have a loop fail monitoring function detecting disconnection of cables in important parts of the engine .

Shaft Power Meter STU-02

The economic feasibility of ships is based on fuel efficiency and efficiency of ship propulsion. In order to accomplish optimal economic feasibility, it is necessary to optimize fuel consumption, propulsion output, and speed of ship. Komeco’s STU-02 is a device that measures torque, thrust and RPM of ship propellers and displays ship propulsion output and total energy consumption based on the measured data. The measured data are interlinked with the ship performance monitoring system providing all the info needed for optimal ship performance.

Water Tight Doors Alarm

This product is a device that visually (LED) and acoustically (buzzer) notifies the status (open, close) of water tight doors during a voyage or while in port. The status of the water tight doors is displayed through output of contact point on local indication and to the VDR (voyage data record).

WDI – DI – 23
WDI – DS – 23

Bearing Wear Condition Monitoring System (BWCMS)

As a system that prevents possible bearing damage by measuring and diagnosing the wear value of main bearing, crank-pin bearing and crosshead bearing for low-speed 2-stroke diesel engine on ships, this product makes advanced warning on unexpected problems on the engine bearing during navigation.

The purpose of BWCMS is to protect secondary damages on crank shaft or bed plate from bearing wear in advance, not to directly protect the bearing cell. BWCMS can mandatorily inspect the crank train bearing part after passage of certain time through real-time measurement of wear value and analysis of trend. This offers the advantage of reduced cost and time for engine inspections.

Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System

The Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) is a system used to prevent marine accidents that can occur from sleepiness or lack of night bridge navigators.
BNWAS follows IMO Resolution MSC 128 (75) to set certain time.  If reset input by the night bridge navigator does not occur within the time setting or motion is not detected by the motion sensor installed in the bridge, smooth navigation is maintained by sending out visual display and auditory alarm.
BNWAS has become mandatory for all ships since July 2011.
By applying the NMEA0183 network protocol standardized by IEC 61162-1, the information is smoothly shared with existing ship equipment to receive alarm input signals from bridge equipment on top of simple bridge alarms. The alarm is sent out through the alarm devices in the cabins of backup night navigator and captain to prevent marine accidents.


of Korean built ships come equipped with KOMECO systems and components

Engine Start Module DTM-ISU-10S

Unit that receives input of voltage signal (0~6Vdc) from the engine and T/C control unit to display engine RPM and T/C RPM according to each input signal and notify the engine status through 7 external input signals – realization of high reliability based on stable circuit design with microprocessor – one-touch setting of zero, span and RPM-type – lamp (LED) test function – temperature compensation program internalized – display of 7 external input signals – function to send out relay contact according to engine control position – applied to HYUNDAI-HIMSEN engines (H21/32, H25/33) and HYUNDAI-MAN B&W engine (L27/38)

Engine Start Module SM-01 02 03GI

Digital tachometer & indicating switch unit that receives pick-up signals of the engine and T/C as input, displays engine RPM and T?C RPM according to each engine type, receives input of relay contact about the engine status, and displays status LED corresponding to relay contact.
– Realization of high reliability based on stable circuit design with microprocessor
– Function to send out 4~20mA (FS±0.2%) current corresponding to the engine and T/C RPM
– Output current compensation that allows for output current setting (zero, span, max. RPM)
– Function to send out relay contact corresponding to start and stop contact points
and remote, local and blocking operations of the engine
– Applied to STX-MAN B&W ENGINE(L23/30, L28/32, L32/40)

Axial Vibration Monitor AVM-30

Unit that measures and displays peak-to-peak vibration from 0.00 mm to 10.00 mm by sending out current signal (4-20mA) proportional to distance between the crank shaft and inductive sensor to the monitoring unit using inductive sensor – Alarm/Monitoring Current Output – Slow Down Output – Setpoint Adjustment – Vibration High Alarm Output – Power Source & System Failure Alarm Output – Slow Down Delay Time – Crank Shaft Position Output – applied to MAN B&W and SULZER ENGINE of HYUNDAI, HSD ENGINE and STX ENGINE

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