We are Authorized Service Providers & Suppliers for Fellow Kogyo in Greece and Cyprus.

Fellow Kogyo may have started out as a company that manufactures and sells level switches, but today they have evolved into a world-renowned marine automation manufacturer – specializing in high-quality Oil Content Meters.

FOCAS 1500 C

FOCAS-1500 C is the oldest model of the 3 and is no longer being manufactured by the company. This basic oil content meter is compliant with MEPC 60 (33) regulations and measures the concentration of bilge in the vessel’s oil water separater (OWS). It comes equipped with an alarm that sounds when the oil content exceeds the 15 ppm level restriction.

FOCAS 1800

FOCAS-1800 is a newer model and is compliant with MEPC 107 (49) regulations ensuring that your product is protecting the environment and keeping our seas safe. The unit has a continuous measuring system equipped with an alarm when readings surpass the 15 ppm oil content level.

FOCAS 2000

FOCAS-2000 is the latest, most technologically advanced model and compliant with MEPC 107 (49) regulations. This model has fully automated features and apart from the standard 15 ppm alarm it is equipped with at least 4 other alarms, including a 5 pmm alarm feature. Ensuring your unit’s readings are safe at all times and limiting any attempts to tamper with the sensors.

Fellow Kogyo & EDIT

Minimizing your systems down time in the long run not just finding a quick fix in the short term.

We hold a “better to repair than to replace” mentality at EDIT as each Fellow Kogyo unit has intrinsic value from both manufacturing and safety standpoints. Thus we offer each customer more value by examining and assessing what went wrong with their unit and what should be done to avoid it happening again in the future.

Our team of qualified Service Engineers strives to enhance our partner Fellow Kogyo’s value by offering their knowledge and expertise in the marine automation industry.

Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions and insight to their automation problems – offering a comprehensive support system that includes:

  • On-board Services by our Authorized Fellow Kogyo Engineers as per resolution MEPC 104 (79) “The accuracy checks can only be done by the manufacturer or persons authorized by the manufacturer.”

  • 24/7 Troubleshooting Services

  • Original Spare Parts

  • Customer Training

We try to make a high quality product even better by offering our extensive expertise as authorized technical service engineers.