Focas 2000 ocm 15ppm Bilge Alarm


Why FOCAS 2000 should be your OCM of choice

FOCAS-2000 is a fully automated OCM. Therefore, without the expensive add-ons of other semi-automated units. It certainly comes with the following built-in features:

  • Sensor Replacement Capability
  • Internal Flow/Pressure Switch
  • Separate Sample & Fresh Water Piping
  • Automatic Washing Function of the Sensor
  • External filters
  • Extra Safety Alarms
  • 5 ppm Alarm Setting if required

Renewal of precision certificate every 5 years.

Most importantly. Always be prepared for Port State Control, USCG, Vetting and Class inspections. To sum up there is no need for preparations beforehand. Save time, protect your company and crew from unwanted fines and penalties.

Standby Mode & Auto Operation

This feature is certainly included in all of the FOCAS 15 ppm units. Most importantly functions automatically. This happens when the Oil Water Separator pump starts working. As a result, this automated feature helps you eliminate the human error factor during the operation of your oil bilge separator.

Separate “Sample Inlet” & “Fresh Water Inlet” Piping

That is to say, that there is no need to interchange the external manual valves of the fresh water inlet and the sample inlet. Each inlet is certainly connected to the OCM by a separate conduit. As a result, this allows for faster, safer and more accurate operation.

External Filters

The unit is in addition equipped with external filters. This for both the Sample & Fresh Water lines that trap any dirt, rust and other particles. Consequently, it is placed before they reach the sensor. And this in order to avoid false indications and safety problems.

Auto Mode for Cleaning

The unit comes with an automated operation and cleaning mode when the sensor is dirty.
Protecting the sensor from corrosion and extending its lifespan. Most importantly, ensuring you get an accurate reading at all times. 

Flow/Pressure Switch

Moreover. The FOCAS-2000 comes with a built-in Flow / Pressure switch feature. It is internal and not external as seen on units by other manufacturers. This feature automatically opens the valve to the bilge sample line when the pressure/flow of oily water is at the right pressure level (i.e 0.03 MPa). And this with no need for the manual opening of the valve. Thus eliminating any attempts to tamper with the oil content meters’ readings.

Extra Alarms / Indications

Further from the Standard 15 ppm Alarm, the Defect Alarm and the Cut off Alarm that can be found on all types of OCM units. FOCAS-2000 comes equipped with the following extra alarms. 

  • 5 ppm Alarm Setting is available and the unit can be modified accordingly.  
  • Pressure Switch on/off Alarm 
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Sample Flow – which is also triggered if someone tries to open the unit and tamper with the sensor and by-pass the systems normal operating process -tamper-proofing your OWS. 
  • Water Flow 
  • Sensor Error Alarm 

FOCAS-2000 is Compliant with MEPC 107 (49)

In the same vein. Make sure you are doing your part to help keep the environment clean and safe. This by investing in high quality automation system for your vessel.

Hands-On Training


Above all, we believe in sharing our extensive experience on the correct use of Oil Content Meters. We provide with hands on training all the benefits that this unique unit has to offer to our clients. 

 In other words,  how FOCAS 2000 15 ppm bilge alarm can be used. Above all to increase your OWS safety, covering best practices and basic functions.

In conclusion, our demo kit comes equipped with a bridge key switch feature and a SIMEX paperless recorder -upgrading your FOCAS 2000 for optimal safety.