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This Water In Oil (HW-2100) is the state of the art equipment for measuring the Relative Content of Water in Fuel Oils and Lubricant Oils used in Maritime Engines.

Of course, this can be applied into measure the Relative Content of Water in different kinds of oil.

Water or Moisture causes failure of a maritime engine consisting of a lot of machinery parts such as cylinders bearings and others.

HW-2100 is installed at the outlet pope of a purifier (Separator) and measure relative content of water in purified oil.

The measured relative content of water is displayed on the indicator in real time.
If the measured result were out of limit to set-up, the alarm signal is output to the purifier control system.

The alarm output signal can be supplied various methods such as 4mA~20mA current, Relay contact signal or RS485 communication.

If our customer required the optional special output method, we can support it.

HW-2100 is composed of a sensor module, an indicator and a cable assembly.

The measured result by the sensor module is transferred to the indicator by RS485.




Technical Specifications

  • Measuring Range : 0° ~ 1.60% (Relative Content of Water)

  • Measuring Error : 2.5% Full Scale

  • Display Resolution : 0.01%

  • Response time: 5 sec.

  • Output Signal : 4~20mA,

  • Alarm (Dry-contact, COM-NO, 32V/1A)

  • RS485, RS422, CAN Communication (Option)

  • Sensor Module Operating Temperature Range : 20 ~ 110°C

  • Power Supply : DC 24V

  • Alarm Limit : Default 0.3%, User-settable

  • Operating Pressure Range : 5 bar. Max, 20°C ~ 110°C