TOKYO KEIKI Inc established the year 1896 in Koishikawa, Tokyo as Japan’s first measuring instrument manufacturing of pressure gauges and other measuring devices.

With more than 120 years of experience the quality of the products and services of this legendary company have created a new standard level for the industry.

In the year 1990 the company has added a second name known as TOKIMEC Inc.

Major Products

TOKYO KEIKI, the world’s first supplier of ultrasonic flowmeters and industry pioneer is proud to introduce the clamp-on flowmeters of next generation which are environmentally friendly and provide the consistent reliability and “Made in Japan”quality that customers have come to expect from the TOKYO KEIKI brand.
The new UFW-100 Series ultrasonic flowmeter boasts a smaller, more compact footprint & size and lower power consumption in a material-saving, RoHS compliant design.

The Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20, based on the same, ergonomically advanced design so popular in the UFP-10, features significant size reduction. The result is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter that meets next-generation standards.The UFP-20’s single-handed portability means difficult and challenging jobs located in narrow or high places can now be performed safely and easily.

The UFL-30 boasts +/- 1% high accuracy readings in a compact configuration, half the size of our former model.
TOKYO KEIKI was the first company in the world to develop an ultrasonic flowmeter for general industry in 1963. In 2008, we completed development of a highly reliable ultrasonic flowmeter – the “UFL-30 Series” – using our wealth of accumulated know-how and the latest in hardware technology.

looking for a highly accurate and reliable flow metering system? Check out the UFH-100!
Microwave level gauge is included as standard equipment!

Doppler Technology For Sewage, Wastewater or Industrial Effluents.
Accurate and stable flow measurements for open channels with Ultrasonic Pulse Doppler technology. The UVH-2000 measures velocity of flow which contain fine particles or slurries such as sewage and wastewater.

KRG-10 measures liquid level by transmitting low energy radar pulses toward liquid surface and receiving the radar echoes.
The travel time for the radar pulse is proportional to the distance between the gauge and the surface.

The MRG-10 measures liquid level by transmitting low energy radar pulses toward a liquid surface and receiving the radar echoes.


  1. IP68 submergible
    Stormwater will not break MRF-10 by under the water.
  2. Compact body (Height: 54mm)
    Height: 54mm, easy installation for narrow space like under the Manhole
  3. Loop-Powered
    Easy replacement to existing Loop-powered instrumentations
  4. HART communication
    HART protocol has been superimposed onto analog output
  5. Easy Configuration
    Graphical PC software by HART
  6. Simple one-piece structure
    No independent main console required

The Vibration Detector is a safety device, which quickly detects abnormalities in mechanical equipment in order to help prevent breakdown.
The reliable performance of the Vibration Switch is time proven – it has received very favorable user response from the time it was first marketed over 30 years ago.


  • Wide capability for various ship
    Laser of DL-3000 system targets against parallel part at the ship board and
    achieve stable measurement even for shallow drafted ship.
  • Compliance with safety class
    Laser sensor is complied with safety standard JIS C 6802 class 1.
  • Vivid-visuality
    Measured data is vividly displayed and also can be output as record data.
  • Fully-functioned alarm system
    Variety of alarms such as over-speed alarm, ripping alarm and
    berthing angle alarm has been functioned for berthing support as safely.
  • Variety option
    DL-3000 system can extend and connect with further option such as large
    display for vessel, Signal lamp alert, data telemetering etc.