Bridge Side Systems

Anemometer and Anemoscope by HERIANA

Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System by KOMECO

De-Watering System

Handle Type Wheel House Console for Maneuvering by HERIANA

OWS (Oily Water Separator) Key Switch & Monitoring

RAI System / Signal Converter by HERIANA


Rudder Angle Indicator and Transmitter by HERIANA

Water Tight Door System by KOMECO

Water Ingress System

Weather System by HERIANA

Wind Direction / Speed Monitoring & Alarm by HERIANA

Wind Indicators by HERIANA

Wind Transmitters by HERIANA

New Systems based on IMO

Cargo Side Systems

AUS ( Automatic Unload System)

    Ballast Tank Monitoring system

    Cargo & Ballast Pumps System

    Cargo Tank Monitoring System

    Drafts Monitoring System

    ESD ( Emergency Shutdown ) System

    Gas Ballast Monitoring System

    Gas Detection Monitoring System

    Gas Portable Instruments

    Hazardous Area Systems

    High & Overfill Alarm System

    IGS Paperless Recorder ( Oxygen/Pressure/Temperature)

    Manifold Monitoring System

    ODME ( Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment)

    UTI ( Ullage Temperature Interface ) Detector

    Vapour Emission & Oxygen Control system

    Wind Alarm Monitoring by HERIANA

    New Systems based on  IMO

Engine side Systems

Auto Drain System for Air Bottle

Aux Boiler Safety Devices and Monitoring

Aux Generator Engine Safety Devices and Monitoring

Axial Vibration Monitor by KOMECO

Bearing Wear Condition Monitoring System for M.E by KOMECO

Continuous Level Meter by FELLOW KOGYO

Control Box for Shaft RPM by HERIANA

Cylinder Liner Temperature Monitoring System for M.E by HERIANA

Electric Panels by HERIANA

Engine Telegraph System for Maneuvering by HERIANA

Generator Engine Automatic Control System by KOMECO

Handle Type Engine Control Room for Maneuvering by HERIANA

Inductive Conductivity Sensor and Monitoring by HERIANA

Inert Gas System

Incinerator System

Maneuvering System

Marine Propulsion Engine Control & Monitoring System by KOMECO


Salt Content Meter by FELLOW KOGYO

Shaft RPM System by HERIANA

Shaft Power System by KOMECO

Steering Gear Room / Transmitter by HERIANA

Turning Gear Control Panel by KOMECO

Turbo Air Compressor Control System by KOMECO

Oil Content Meter 15ppm by FELLOW KOGYO

Oil Mist System

Drill & Special Vessel

Drillship Generator Engine Automatic Control System by KOMECO

Engine Safety & Control & Monitoring System by KOMECO

Starter & Power Dist. Panel ( ROK NAVY ) by KOMECO